Iner-vision of Dub


The work evoke, right from the title, the error’s creative potential. The term “Iner-vision of Dub” is, first of all, a language game that wants to mix the word “vision” with the Latin root of the verb “inhaerère”, expressing image’s possibility of a complete sounds adherence. The term iner-vision also recalls the notion of inner-vision. Likewise the word Dub does not just indicate, in this language game, a musical genre, but it expresses depth and interiority of the sound. Therefore, the essential aim of the work is to manifest the sound vision. The images lose all references to the real objects and became pure echoes of the aura. If the sound dimension of the performance recalls a trance state, seen as a psychedelic journey that engages the self and the relation with the outside, gestures and vision represent the ritual that lies behind this travel. This work, differing from all other audio-visual executions, focuses on live improvisation and interaction. These tools allow the performer to be the source of the ritual, linking movements, sound and view in a harmonic flow, rather than being iconographic to the performance. For what concern the visual aspect of the performance, all the images generated are glitches products, obstructing the camera of the laptop. Using various materials it’s possible to filter different portions of luminous grains. These data are directly processed in the music. All of visual variations are closely depending from sound structures. In this sense the vision materially inhere to the dub side of sound. Sight expresses just the simple sublimation and resonance of sound.


Audiovisual Live Set