Error Coding Memory


Error Coding Memory is a work that was born from the need to investigate the memory’s processes of acquisition and elaboration. 
As Marcel Proust said, what we think about our past it’s nothing more than a mythical representation. This “mythical past” is the product of some creative processes able to alter,  through an erroneous narration, the memories' image. This work wants to question the productive structures of that representational process. 
After a selection based on the archive of home-made movies, the artists offer to the spectator videotapes which culturally recall an idyllic (and falsified) familiar scene. We chose the interactive installation to let the public be the only subject of this erroneous memory’s coding. For that sort of manipulation we chose the ludic dimension as the elementary form of all creative processes. Entering in the installation room, the spectator can watch in the screen these family’s videos randomly played. Between him and the screen there’s a table with three toys (belonging to  the artist parents’ home). Inside these toys there are hidden some wii remote controllers which transmit information about the acceleration to a laptop. Playing with these toys, the spectator change the clip and can manipulate some visual contents as velocity and other chromatic aspects. At the same time, a hidden camera captures some information about the movement of the spectator, translating it in an audio modulation.

Livia Albanese Ginammi and Andrea Giomi


Interactive Installation