This work derives from the assumption that the use of technological mediation could enhance such experiential consciousness. Our research leans toward a new semantic orientation of act, sound and vision that no longer represent only senses. They become synesthetic indicators that refer to a web of relations that find their source for symbolic creation in the body of the performer.
The peculiarities of this work are enclosed in three key elements that relate perception and performance: emphasize the tactile properties of sounds, recreate real surroundings and enhance the total experience synchronizing sound with sight.
The music, created by Andrea Giomi and Manfredi Borsetti, is at once highly physical and rich in texture, using both analog/digital electronic instruments, and field recordings to create a dark and introspective listening experience.The outcome is an evocative sound texture that drives the audience toward an introspective journey.
An essential part of their research is focused to develop interactive system (MaxMsp environment) which provides a gestural control of the sound through accelerometers on performer’s body. This allows an immediate corrispondence between sounds and movements as well as a greater improvisation freedom inside the performance.
Visuals and scenography that Paola designed for IN-STRUCTURE are based around the simple but highly effective idea of projecting slowly developing, abstract geometrical beams of light to a transparent canvas. Unlike other visuals employed during musical performance, these do not wish to suggest a tangible reality or disclose the meaning of the sound. Instead, visuals are utilized as an ipnotic focal point. Through tactile and hypnotic qualities of the audio-visual environment the audience is lead to the reality of the performance.


Audiovisual Performance