You! In and Out Rendering


Discipline and coercion, freedom and lose of control. These are the dialectical poles from which sensorial prothesis ask our perception and “render” the informational environment where we living. Digital technologies allow access to a particular experiential richness, more and more immersive and multisensory, where we lose our body’s boundaries. This agreement with technology entail adhesion and submission to interface’s interactive protocols. Similarly it involve an inhibition of the perceptive experience’s spontaneous character.
Thanks to an elaborated motion capture system, this work reflects on unstable and contradictory nature of digital incorporation processes. Starting from an articulated audiovisual narration, the performer examine the sensorial environment’s responsivity. In a ludic way, she hesitate between refuse and seduction of interactive rules. Therefore, the performer become the source of a complex itinerary along which gestures, actions and different kinetic energies, take the spectator to a imaginary voyage in and out the human body’s digitalized cartography.


Interactive Dance Performance